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Our home transitioned with Silver Fox Pharmacy in early September 2017. Our decision to transition was based mostly on our experience with what I call, ‘The Dream Team’. The owners, managers and leads at Silver Fox are well known to me and I had faith in their skills, abilities and trust that what they said they would do, would happen.

Girish promised me a seamless transition and it was. Silver Fox’s transition team and consulting pharmacists worked with my staff to plan and prepare for the transition. The transition was flawless and the last seven months has been as well. The lines of communication between home and pharmacy is open and they respond to any requests for change we may have.

I am very happy we chose Silver Fox as our pharmacy. The entire team is professional, approachable and extremely helpful. My staff are happy, my families are happy and these two things help to ensure my residents are happy. After all, we are here for the residents and their welfare and satisfaction is vital.

Thanks to Silver Fox for making part of my job easier and for supporting my staff and my home

Pat Cervoni - Administrator

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Thank you for giving us this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Silver Fox Pharmacy. 

Dom Lipa Slovenian Linden Foundation is a 66 beds Long Term Care non-for-profit Home and a 31 beds Retirement Home located in Etobicoke.

We transitioned to the Silver Fox Pharmacy on January 29th, 2018. In search for a pharmacy services provider we focused on aligning Dom Lipa’s mission and values with that of a potential service provider. 

We elected to transfer to the Silver Fox Pharmacy to keep with our Home’s and our community’s unique needs. 

Throughout the transition, Sharmila and the entire team, ensured the process was seamless and always there to provide guidance, support and education. 

Shortly after the transition we experienced an Influenza outbreak. The pharmacy, led by Jonathan, was available to guide and to support our nursing team at any time, including nights and weekends. 

It is my pleasure to recommend the Silver Fox Pharmacy as a service provider. The Silver Fox Pharmacy is driven to deliver exceptional services with the focus on the residents’, the community’s and our team’s satisfaction. Their experience, professionalism and outstanding customer service is above and beyond the industry standards. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and commitment to serve our unique population. 

Magdalena Finat - Director of Care

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Silver Fox consistently exceeds our expectations in the following ways: 

Experience of the team, family business and personal touch. 

Seamless transition. 

Staff are professional, knowledgeable, have good personalities, are always helpful and are a great fit for our team. 

Easy to work with, respond quickly to any requests and are always going over and above for the staff and residents. 

Owners are always available. 

We considered different pharmacies, and ultimately made the change to Silver Fox and it was  absolutely the right decision. In my experience, many people promise the world but when it  comes down to it the service is not always there. We knew we could trust Silver Fox to deliver on everything they promised and more. Silver Fox is an industry leader, dedicated to improving  lives and providing quality pharmacy care. Again, I assure you that Silver Fox will over achieve and over deliver for your home.

Sean Keays - CEO

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We have recently implemented the Writi system at Holland Christian Homes and we are thrilled with the immediate positive impact it has  had on our workflow and compliance. The transition from a paper process to the Writi electronic process was seamless and it is saving us time along with reducing our carbon footprint. 

We could not have implemented Writi at a better time. With the  pressures of COVID-19 we are looking for more efficient and  consistent ways to complete our day to day tasks and Writi is helping!  We are also excited to hear about Writi’s Virtual Healthcare app  which will assist with receiving remote support from our Physicians. 

The system has helped improve communication and order  compliance and we would certainly recommend Writi to all Long Term Care Homes in Canada! 

Tracy Kamino - Administrator, Faith Manor

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As an industry leader in the provision of seniors housing options, including retirement lifestyle communities and  long term care homes, we pride ourselves on establishing partnerships with those service providers like Silver Fox Pharmacy who are equally committed to ensuring the residents whom we serve, our retirement communities and  our long term care homes are well served. 

It has been my experience that Silver Fox Pharmacy provides services that are second to none. I can confidently state that the team at Silver Fox Pharmacy consistently exceeds our expectations. 

Professional, experienced and passionate, our needs and desires (and those of our residents and our staff) are  heard and responded to accordingly. Always patient, despite any challenges which may be being faced, the team at Silver Fox Pharmacy always demonstrates their ongoing commitment and dedication to excellence. 

Silver Fox Pharmacy pride themselves “as leaders in clinical, operational and technology innovation” and are  dedicated to “improving lives by delivering innovation and quality pharmacy care.” Again, I can confidently say  that based on my experiences, these are not just words expressed by the team at Silver Fox Pharmacy, but rather something that the entire team lives and breathes.

Julia King - Chief Operating Officer

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Steeves and Rozema Long Term Care Homes has successfully implemented Writi, an interprofessional order management system within our homes in collaboration with the Writi team, who provided education, on-site and ongoing support. 

The implementation of this industry-leading system has been well received secondary to its customized design specific to the unique needs of Ontario senior-care. We had received positive feedback from other Long Term Care providers and can confirm that since the roll out, there has been significant improvement in our management of resident orders. The speed and efficiency of order communication has increased, we have been able to reduce paperwork and administrative burdens on our front-line staff, giving our team more time to focus on resident care. Order-processing compliance has significantly improved due to the system’s enhanced transparency to all users, while taking significantly less time to complete compared to paper based systems. 

We have worked with the Writi team in tracking pre-implementation order processing metrics and our data is showing a 63% reduction in order processing time.

Debra Mann - Manager of resident care

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