5 Reasons Why Retirement Homes Could Benefit from Specialized Pharmacy Services

Doctor Helping Female Senior with Schedule and Medication

There is no doubt that Canadians rely more upon pharmacy services as we age. As we get older, there is an increasing need for people to use specialized services. Many people over 65 have more than one health issue, and many are chronic conditions. 

When once people move into retirement home, there is even more of a need for pharmacy services. Residents in retirement homes commonly move because they require additional care. So, its beneficial for retirement homed to partner with a local pharmacy to make these specialized services available. “With the aging of the population and growing demand for LTC, pharmacies and pharmacists will increasingly be called upon to provide medication-related services for LTC residents. Meeting these needs will be challenging and will require attention to adaptive policies and programs, regulations, and funding approaches,” says The Conference Board of Canada in A Primer on the Value of Pharmacy Services in LongTerm Care Settings in Canada.   

Here are some of the reasons why retirement homes can benefit from specialized pharmacy services:

1. It is a key consideration for seniors

There are a lot of factors that seniors and their families consider when choosing a retirement home. Offering specialized pharmacy services to residents could be a key differentiator. It is a great feature that you can market and show how your retirement home takes care to the next level. Additional care options will always be an attractive feature for anyone considering moving into a retirement home.

2. Easier access to care

The ability to access specialized services from a local pharmacy expands the level of health care that can be provided to residents. There is more you can get out of your local pharmacy partner. It also makes it easier for care workers to support and assist residents. Overall, it creates a more comprehensive care process for people. This gives residents and care providers with greater peace of mind in knowing they have the support they need.

3. Customization of care

Everyone is different. Even two people with the same medical condition can require a different plan to manage their condition. Specialized pharmacy services enable retirement homes to further customize the type of care they can offer residents.

4. A better partnership with the pharmacy

When retirement homes start to use more specialized pharmacy services, they develop a deeper relationship with the pharmacists and others at the pharmacy. The creates a deeper relationship and can help the pharmacy better understand the needs of retirement home residents. It can also help them understand how to better support retirement home staff.

5. Access to additional services when you need it

Specialized pharmacy services make it easier for retirement homes to operate more effectively. You will be more prepared to manage a variety of different situations. The more access you have to assistance from pharmacies, the better overall qualify of care you can provide to residents at all times.

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