Bathroom Safety Equipment for Senior Homes: 5 Must-Haves

Senior safety equipment in bathroom

Safety and accessibility are especially important considerations for senior homes. One of the most used and potentially dangerous rooms in any location is the bathroom. It’s a prime location for slips and falls. 

In fact, according to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, “data shows that 4 out of 5 injury hospitalizations involving seniors were due to falls. Over the past 3 years, injury hospitalizations among seniors due to falls increased by 9%, or about 8,900 people, the largest increase among hospitalizations for seniors.” 

A sizable portion of these falls happens in the bathroom. Therefore, it’s essential to outfit seniors’ homes with the proper bathroom safety equipment to reduce the chances of a fall event occurring. Here are 5 must-have items that will improve bathroom safety in senior home bathrooms:

1. Grab bars

Grab bars are one of the smallest yet most important of all bathroom safety equipment. They can be installed wherever needed through the bathroom. They help with mobility, and transitions and are an important thing to have just in case you need it. They come in a number of sizes and varieties, making them versatile.

2. Shower chairs and benches

The tub and shower are one of the most common locations for falls. Installing shower chairs and benches provide seniors with added support when they need it. They are ideal for individuals who cannot stand for an extended period of time. They are good support for seniors who need to sit and rest, and they can also help to prevent falls if you lose your balance or slip.

3. Shower mats

Speaking of slipping, we all know how slick and slippery a tub or shower can be when it’s wet. Add in soap and someone who is not great on their feet, and it’s no wonder so many falls happen. Shower mats can help make bathtub surfaces safer and more secure with the added grip it provides. These can be installed in any shower space quickly and easily.

4. Raised toilet seat

Transitions are a common issue for seniors. Getting up and down out of a chair, bed, and even the toilet are common times when they have a fall. Installing a raised toilet seat can help to make transitions from and to the toilet easier. This is particularly important for people who use a wheelchair, walker, cane, or another mobility device. A shorter distance makes it easier to maneuver and pivot on and off.

5. Bath lift

A bath lift is an essential piece of equipment for people who can no longer walk or stand without assistance. It provides caregivers with the additional support they need to ensure seniors can get in and out of the bath safely. Lifts are available in a variety of options and have many unique features. 

Adding these pieces of bathroom safety equipment to senior homes creates a safer and more comfortable environment for patrons and caregivers.

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