Medical Equipment for Senior Care Homes

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The pharmaceutical needs of customers in our community extend well beyond prescriptions and over the counter medication. At Silver Fox Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to providing you with a wide range of products and services to be your one stop shop for all your health care supply needs, including medical equipment for senior care homes.

Get The Medical Equipment You Need To Support Your Residents

One segment of the population we work close with are senior care homes. This includes retirement living communities and long-term care facilities. Through our partnership with MED+ Medical Equipment Distribution, we offer senior care homes a wide range of Home Care Products. This includes a wide range of medical equipment for those who have mobility issues, require assistance after a medical procedure or operation, or are recovering from a medical condition. Whether you operate a senior care home, or you’re a loved one of a person in a seniors home, we can help you get access to the medical assistive devices and equipment you need.

What Medical Equipment Do We Supply To Senior Care Homes?

We offer a large selection of equipment and supplies for home care residents. We make sure your residents get the support they need. Here’s a list of the medical equipment we can help supply through MED+:

  • Bathroom safety equipment: Choose from a wide selection of bathroom safety accessories such as grab bars, bathmats, raises toilet seats, shower chairs and benches and much more.
  • Hospital beds: We offer a variety of hospital beds to meet your specific health and comfort requirements.
  • Commercial fixtures: Whether you need soap or sanitizer dispenser, toilet paper holders, or other fixtures, we can help.
  • Commodes: Choose from a selection of commodes that can be used in many different settings.
  • Wheelchairs: We offer a large offering of manual wheelchairs, power wheel chairs, and transport chairs.
  • Canes and crutches: We can supply you with a number of different types of canes and crutches to meet the needs of your residents.
  • Walkers/rollators: Ensure your residents can be more mobile with the use of walkers and rollators.
  • Lifts and ramps: Lifts and ramps play a huge role in improving seniors mobility. We can help you choose the right lifts and ramps to serve your residents.
  • Incontinence: Stock up on incontinence supplies for your residents.

Not sure how you’ll get the equipment? We have this covered too. We’ll help coordinate the delivery and setup of your medical equipment. We know each facility has unique needs and processes. Our personalized service will ensure residents at the care facility will get the support they need.

Contact Us For All Your Medical Equipment Needs

At Silver Fox, we specialize in the distribution of medical supplies, and equipment, including a medical equipment rental fleet. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your medical equipment needs.

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